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    Baker Street Courtship

    This Letsdrawsherlock challenge was to take a classic painting and turn it into Sherlock. I knew I had to choose Roman Courtship by William Ernest Reynolds-Stephens (1862-1943) because this painting absolutely captivated me when I luckily got to view it during my visit in Sarasota, Florida earlier this year. 

    Here is a little bit about the original painting:

    We see Morta holding the threads of their life in her hands.. It seems that  Morta does not approve of this relationship and she rejects the offering (the smoke does not go up, but sideways)… Cupid, who lovingly drapes a flower garland around the couple (the garland is an extension of the life threads), knows that even he and the other gods cannot stop Morta’s inevitable action.." [x]

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